How does the outcome calculator work?

Scientific basis

You are not the only one being involved in the question about the outcome of surgical interventions. Swiss hospitals are in the same position. Since many years Prof. Dr. R. Theiler MD and Prof. Dr. H. Bischoff-Ferrari MD conduct extensive research on the quality of life of patients after their surgeries (knee and hip replacement, spine surgery). The results of this research allow today a precise prediction of your personal outcome before surgery.

Your first step?

You set up your individual, anonymous profile with demographic information about age, sex, weight and also your current medical condition.

Your profile is now compared to similar cases in the data registry of real existing patients. These patients had the same surgery and the success of their surgery has been carefully documented. On basis of these real cases, the OCC is able to evaluate your personal outcome before surgery.

How do I get my prognosis?

At the end of the process you get a report of your personal outcome. You have the option to buy a personal login for only 8 Euros, which enables you to self monitor the result of your surgery and the process of the subsequent treatments.

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